Niche Idea! What is a Niche?

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Niche Idea? What is a Niche?

Niche Idea! What is a Niche?

Biggest Question to hit the mind of new WA’ers! What is a Niche?

There are many definitions, so I am going to give you mine!

A Niche is anything Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Emotional, and
Spiritual that you can write about in such a way that it will help
and inform someone.

The Niche you choose needs to be something you can research and
become an expert on in time. Now it doesn’t matter if it is Rocks or
Clouds! I have been at this a while and I have two main ones, Wealthy
and Anxiety.

I love and am a Pemium Member of WA so promoting it while increasing
my online education is a no-brainer!

Fifty-four years of personal experience with Anxiety Attacks, and years
of study of Anxiety has given me a reasonable understanding of the
Types of Anxiety.

Niche – Time for Domain Name

After you chose your Niche you will choose your Domain Name.
If you choose to get your Website Domain as a Free
Domain Name then you are ready to finish your Domain Name and
Set-Up your Website!

If you don’t want to wait to have your own .com Website, you can purchase
one from Wealthy Affiliate! Just go to your Dashboard and find
“Websites”, then “SiteDomains” and Name It, Buy IT and Set-Up!

Niche Website/Blog

Whether you use a Website or BlogSite to get your message to your
Readers. After your Domain Name is settled, at WA you are ready to
Build Your Website!

You will be offered 12 Beautiful, Functionally Perfect, Themed Websites
to build upon if you are a Starter Member. If you are a Premium Member
you have your choice of over 7000 Themes!

Once you choose your Theme it takes WA approximately one minute
to Build Your Website! It is now ready for you to Design, Customize, and
Fill with Content about your Niche!

Take Your Time

Take your time and follow your Training. Kyle teaches everything
you need, Step-By-Step! You will see Video Training concerning the
aspects you would have problems with on your own.

Post your Question in the Search Bar Above Your Dashboard and get the
Answers you need
I’m sure you’ve been told, if you have a Question, ask
any member. Try the Black Search Bar above your Dashboard!

Besides the Premium Members of today, there are fifteen years of WA
Members of which to ask Questions! That is Millions of Trained Experts
who have left Blog Posts on the subjects you are Working!

Try out the Search Bar! Ask it a Question! You will get no less than
10 Answers!

The Search Bar is one of the many Treasures of WA! It allows you to find
answers to your Questions at 2 a.m. when half of the world is asleep. Nothing
about WA is sleeping for a good bit of the Membership at any time may be
in the part of the world that is awake!

WA Logo Internet Marketing University

My Niche Wealthy Affiliate

Thinking the world is awake reminds me of my Niche, Wealthy Affiliate is a
Worldwide Company, making it an International Educator! And that takes me
to another WA Treasure, LiveChat where Live Members answer Your Questions
24/7! Every day is not a holiday for Some People in Some Country!

At any time you can usually find two, three, or more experienced Members in
LiveChat Answering Questions and Visiting! At the beginning of my time at WA
I found Kyle himself, a Co-Founder, Answering Questions and Visiting in LiveChat early one morning!

SiteContent is where I am writing this Post, and it is available to all Premium
Members at WA. This is the place Kyle and Carson have provided 1,000,000

In SiteContent, you will find your needed Privacy Policy! It will be GDPR ready
with the addition of your Website Name, Company Official’s Name, Website’s

Don’t miss the one place where it wants Your Name and Email for your
Website. SiteContent will Publish on your Wordpress Site or Blog!

Before you Publish in SiteContent, Be ready to choose whether you are
publishing a Page or a Post! SiteContent asks just as you are

Treasures – SiteComment

As you develop your Niche/Websites/Blogs and fill them with Content and
Comments, Remember to look in Websites on your Dashboard for
! As they are an extremely special animal and can be used two
main ways.

First, SiteComments are to build Comments for your Websites/Blogs. The plan
is to Offer Two Comments for every One you Receive. Make them well-
thought out Comments, and check what the Member asks for in their wishes.

Second, SiteComments are worth WA Credits that can be used towards paying
an important WA need during a slow month! Check with SiteComments to
learn more.

This is only the beginning of what’s available to a Premium Membership
holder at Wealthy Affiliate!

New Members, Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate!

God Bless and Good Luck!


Janice Fox-Henley.AnxietyReliefCoach

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership & Anxiety Relief Coach


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Enjoying having a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and and being an Anxiety Relief Coach, I am kept extremely busy! There is only one thing more prevalent in today’s world than the need for people to have help with their Anxiety, and that is for those with said Anxiety to be told about a way to work online at home!

So I know I need to teach both correctly, and there is quite a lot to learn! There is how to Build a website, and it is definitely necessary to have an excellent Server for this! In order to learn and study, you must go where there are the best Teachers! Wealthy Affiliate has its main core Teachers and then it has a pool of experts from whom to draw massive amounts of Training Lessons.

Besides Building your Websites and Learning to get Traffic to them, Wealthy Affiliate hosts your Websites for you! Of course, you are doing the work but WA is guiding and Teaching you every step of the way.

Image of open book showing Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Pay-It-Forward Community

Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership affords you all the things I have mentioned and many more! One of my Favorite things is the warmth of the Pay-It-Forward Community! Kyle and Carson insist on a sense of Fairness and Pay-It-Forward Giving back to the community like you just don’t usually see in a million member company!

One-On-One Mentoring by Members

While never losing their business-like composure and polite correctness, the leaders I have met, have all the warmth of a country store! This helps when you have messed up your website, wrote bad copy, or had to have some Lesson explained three times!

Now there are Rules for the members that have to be followed, too! I don’t remember all of them which means I should reread them, but I know the main ones!

Spam is a NONO! is the main one I follow. No Posting to profit from other members! Do not Post Profanity, Religious, or Political matter on your Blog or Comments!

Of course, this does not apply to the 50 Websites you are given, and all you have to supply are the Domain Names! Splendid! Did I mention Wealthy Affiliate supplies all the Hosting for my Sites, for Free with Premium Membership? Even with a Starter Membership, you get to Build and Host 2 Websites 4 Free!

There is so much offered at Wealthy Affiliate to Train you to be an Affiliate Marketer, and so much more! I am studying to Build Websites for Customers and getting good at it. ? Surely learning to do something! That’s what WA is all about, I know!

Content Writing is something else I didn’t know I would like so much, but I do! The Teacher is incredible, so clear and right to the point! All the Teachers at WA are excellent guides through the maze of online Affiliate Marketing!

Image of flowers and board,with words "sweet home" emphasizing Anxiety Relief at Home

Anxiety Relief Coach

Anxiety gives us many times a desire to stay in the comfort and privacy of our home rather than an excursion into the public world for work or school. Often this is more than a desire, it becomes a necessity!

The need to be away from the emotions of other people, or even the Stresses of daily interaction in person can become unbearable for some! At one point, for more than half a year, I could not even talk on the phone!

These emotions and anxious thoughts I understand for I have lived with them for many years. When I coach people with Anxiety I know how deeply they are suffering! I ache for all the wasted years with Anxiety with Depression I see happening around me!

Panic Away by Barry Joe McDonagh

On this Site, you will find Posts by myself and Barry Joe McDonagh, an international Panic Relief Coach. Barry gives you a great deal of insight into his work with Anxiety sufferers through his Posts and so do I!

For more Information on Barry Joe McDonagh’s work try PanicAway!

Janice Fox-Henley.AnxietyReliefCoach

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