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Wealthy Affiliate University
Learning to build a highly successful internet business!

Making money online with Wealthy Affiliate is the way of our time and the way of the future. Study with teachers who have earned good money online and know how to show their students how to do so!

Video presentations of the lessons take their words and images and give them to us in a way that makes the Training clear as can be to all! Lesson by lesson we grow in understanding of the way to build a website, make copy for it, and money with it!

Kyle & Carson, Co-Owners, Teachers

Kyle and Carson, the Co-Owners, who are the main Teachers, and responsible for the presentations, have been in business for over fifteen years. Their experience shows!

Training prepared by Jay of Magistudios, is presented every Friday night. Affiliate members in all degrees of expert are presenters of Training on a variety of subjects that is available to the Premium Membership.

Making Money Online Is the Goal

Making money online is the goal of most if not all of the members of the Wealthy Affiliate University! And we are being taught how to do it! To earn money through the internet is the way of the 21st Century!

Quite a few of the members of Wealthy Affiliate are studying with a plan to put forth a non-profit group led website. These fine people endeavor to raise income to fund non-profit websites of various types.

Wealthy Affiliate University-Level Education

At Wealthy Affiliate you are working towards an university-level education in Affiliate Marketing. There are several different career paths Affiliate Marketing can take. The first one usually thought of is selling online from home as as Affiliate Marketer with an Affiliate Marketing Programe!

Next I always think of Website Design & Sales, and then there is Domain swapping, building, and selling! How many Domain Names do you hold title too today? What are they worth? Do you keep up with their value?


Making Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

I am a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate and an Anxiety Relief Coach! If you need to learn to Make Money At Home Online, I want to help you. Wealthy Affiliate’s program is not a get-rich-quick scheme! We teach you, and help you to learn to earn a good income in the comfort of your home.

This does not happen in one month, I’m sorry if you need money, but it doesn’t! Get a job, and study with WA to do Affiliate Marketing and Copywriting at night! You will Build your Websites and in Time, as you Learn, the Income will happen! Plan for your future!

Become a Free Starter Member, Study and Work Online in the Privacy of your Own Home! I will be there when you need a Mentor, and I won’t be the Only One!

Wealthy Affiliate Online University

Janice Fox-Henley.AnxietyReliefCoach

A Wealthy Affiliate Education

Food On The Table

A Wealthy Affiliate Education

Many people tell me they need to make money to put ‘Food on the Table.’ For this, we need an education, especially today in business and on the computer. Wealthy Affiliate will most certainly do that for you!

From building your first two FREE websites, with hosting, to the Training Courses that give you so much steady and sure education in making money online. We all have different ideas of what ‘Food on the Table’ means.

Many people tell me they need to make money to put ‘Food on the Table.’

Starts With You In The Basics

To some people, it means sustenance, which is eating enough to maintain a healthy body, no more, no less. If this is all you want, you know already you need an education that starts with you in the basics and teaches you how to make money at home online.

Wealthy Affiliate will most certainly do that for you! From building your first two FREE websites, with hosting, to the Training Courses that give you so much steady and sure education in making money online.

To most, it means a satisfying meal hopefully on the table; however, many times a day, the family chooses to eat. Here is where most of us are, I think!

To a choice few, it means ‘what I want to eat no matter the cost or time and trouble in preparation’!

Do you hope to be one of choice few? What does ‘Food on the Table’ mean to you?

Today? What does it mean today?

What do you want it to mean in the near future?

Wealthy Affiliate Education

Do you hope Wealthy Affiliate will educate you to be such an affiliate that you may afford to be one of the choice few?


Most people tell me they need to make enough money to “Put ‘Food on the Table’!” And from there you have to question them further to find what that means to them.

University Online Education At Wealthy Affiliate

The education WA offers will do precisely that, my friend! WA offers a University level education. With Training Courses and Video Classes with each Lesson to guide us, we are learning at a pace that is both fast and never becoming boring!

Wealthy Affiliate Education

Are you willing to study, learn, work, and with perseverance not give up on your goals?
For this is what it takes.

WA does not promise a ‘Get Rich Quick’ scheme. There is definitely study, learn, write, work, and yes EARN in TIME!!!

What does ‘Food on the Table’ mean to you? Check here to study for it!

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