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Is This How You Feel? Like the Woman In the Jar?



Anxiety – Is this how you feel? It is Social Anxiety Disorder. Image of Woman In a Jar.

Until a few years ago, I always felt like everyone was looking at me. Not looking because I thought I was special, but peering because everything was wrong with me!

When I walked into a room I could not look up and meet anyone’s eyes, no, I was keeping my head down and going through the list of everything I KNEW was WRONG with me that they were seeing. Anxiety is fear there is no reason for or it is unexplained.

Social Anxiety Disorder

You cannot think of anyone else when your mind is filled with your faults, except to condemn them for judging you. This is one of the ways Social Anxiety Disorder can make you feel, and yes, there is help for you, if this is the way you feel.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety causes a number of kinds of unhealthy thoughts, some that may even be life threatening! I do not think it is a coincidence that anxiety and the suicidal rate are at an all-time high at the same time.

I also never forget that where you have anxiety, very often you have accompanying depression. Depression can follow a prolonged time with anxiety and for some of us a lifetime of this dreaded disorder.

Anxiety Is Not Nervousness

For anxiety is not nervousness from a certain event and then it is over. It is not stressed from a long day of work with a demanding supervisor. Anxiety is a clinical disorder, and it is relieving for some people to learn that fact, and others throw up a high barricade around their mind and refuse to believe that they have a real problem.

When you are ready for help, it is all around you. For all ages, free therapy, and to pay for therapy, all you have to do is just reach out, talk to those around you, pick up the phone, email me, or send me a comment and tell me about what is going on with you.


CBD Oil for Anxiety

One kind of help I have found is CBD oil for my anxiety, and it is a natural remedy, Full-Spectrum CBD oil from CBD BioCare.com, and is the finest of the CBD Products.

We are committed to offering Full-Spectrum CBD oil in products for its medicinal benefits.

When you are ready for help, email me. I also have a Group on Facebook for Anxiety sufferers. You are Welcome To Join!

AnxietyWithPossibilities.com  Facebook Group

Take Care of Yourself and Each Other!

I will be here listening,

Janice Fox-Henley.All Rights Reserved.
Email me:  Janice@MyWealthyAffiliateAnxietyBlog.com

2 Replies to “About Janice – Glass Jar”

  1. Vicky, I am grieved to hear your cousin has been suffering for seven years and talks of suicide. Many people suffer for most of their lifetimes as I did from depression and suicidal ideations, and it is very painful, sad, and there are new medications to help us. It is not a spirit, as some think, is it, but now we know, an imbalance in the chemicals in the brain. Usually, Serotonin is the name of the chemical. Replacement of serotonin and establishing balance in the brain needed causes much improvement. I very much hope your cousin receives the help he needs, and not cruelty or shame which is not right. Thank you for reading and commenting, please visit me again, and invite your cousin! Janice🙌

  2. Hi Janice,

    What a chance i found your website. I have many people around that suffer of depression. But as i am from Africa, we think that it is bad spirit. Reading you is like you come up to all of what you mentioned. As we are talking i have a cousin of mine who is suffering of that since 7 years and he is still sick and still talk about suicide. It’s so sad to talk about that. I hope you are safe now.


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